It’s a Wrap!

La Riva Video Stars

Collaboration At Play

Celebrating the amazing collaboration and enormous effort from this team to help create our website videos. Consensus was that everyone had a great time filming, felt the experience was personally rewarding and all were very proud of the final result.  

Presented with a very small window of opportunity to bring everyone together for this 4 day filming shoot, we grabbed this time and were blessed with sunshine and warm weather. 

Special Thanks

This immense project could not have been possible without our key partners for their professionalism and commitment to create these videos. Also special mention to Megan Overend (Craniosacral Therapy & Relaxation Massage) and Ruby’s Table (Michelle’s Team).

Heartfelt thanks to all the models who took time out of their normal day jobs to bring this together with such style. Last minute changes to the modelling lineup due to unfortunate events, did not dampen their spirits and everyone embraced the opportunity to get the job done. Thanks also too Vanessa for ensuring the grounds showed their best side at such short notice.

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