7 Acres (2.8 Ha) of Gardens

Meander through the manicured gardens, breathing through the journey of wonder and joy that awaits. Many opportunities to sit, relax and photograph the flora and fauna that surrounds you. 

25m Infinity Edge Pool

Dip your toe in the large stepped entrance to the pool or take the plunge and immerse yourself in the heated waters offering 25 metre laps to work out and work up an appetite. Overlook the majestic century old gum trees whilst enjoying the tranquil pool environment.

Eagle Point Bluff

At 18m above sea level, the sheer vertical cliff called The Bluff can be seen to the east of the property. A historical landmark for the area which overlooks the Mitchell River and is home to Peregrine falcons. The rays from the setting sun reflect against the sheer wall face creating an amazing show of colours.

Mitchell River

As the largest unmanaged river in Victoria, the Mitchell River feeds into the Gippsland Lakes forming the longest silt jetties in the world. Regular spotting of dolphins and pelicans, plus fishing, boating, kayaking, walking and bike trails make it a highlight and something to enjoy during your stay.

Jones Bay Gippsland Lakes Reserve

Looking past the poolside gum trees, you will see Jones Bay. Jones Bay is fed by both the Mitchell and Nicholson Rivers and covers the northern side of the Silt Jetties. When full, the bay covers approximately 2,300 hectares.

Picket Fence Flower Garden

Enjoy each garden bed and delight in the various flowers on show during your stay. Look for the little items of magic within.

Hot House

Pop into the Hot house to see what is being propagated, loved and cared for.  Enjoy the variety of plants and relish the views.


Enjoy the refinement and structure of these gardens and pop your head into the Parterre’s to see what is growing during your stay.

Culinary Corner

Various delicious herbs, abundant trees; Lemon, Kafir Lime, Tahitian Lime, Olive, Bay Leaf, Blueberries, Oranges, Pomegranates and Cumquat.  All produce available for you to consume based on seasonal availability.

Seaside Influence

Embracing the expansive seaside offerings of the area, the flower boat and mollusc piers honour this influence. This new project is still a work in progress.


Amass with colour and beauty, sit down and enjoy this area, read a book, listen to music or just relax.

Fountain & Fish Pond

This restoration project is work in progress.

Circle of Life Native Garden

Southern end of the property, where lizards, frogs, bees, insects and birds (both big and small) thrive in the garden, designed to help protect and support them. Come and sit on the red gum log and if you are still and quiet, you can watch the birds enjoy the bird bath and see what you can identify in the garden.

Love Seat

Not just for couples – this unique wrought iron seat will embrace you with the beautiful backdrop of flowers which also surround you to create the perfect photo opportunity. Remember to tag us on social media.